This is an Exclusive Item, custom made for our company!

The print for this item is still waiting licensing approval from the NHL and NHLPA.
It will not be available until it has been approved, and manufactured. 
ou can pre-order this item and as soon as they are ready your order will be shipped.  Please expect anywhere from a 7-10 day delay before you receive your plaque(s), as we have to wait for the approval, have the prints printed and shipped to us, and then plaque-mounted and prepared for individual shipping

On the slight chance that the print isn't to the NHL or the NHLPA's satisfaction, we might have to alter a logo or photo but it will remain very close to what you see here.

As soon as it is approved the final image will be posted on our Hockey page.


16" x 20" $35.99
  St Louis Blues 2019
Championship Collage Picture Plaque
Order #  SHSB-19S


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